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Build Your repertoire of beautiful Irish melodies

Learn all the tunes in the book Easy Irish Cello by memory. Use of scrolling music, video, and play along mp3s with the second cello part, the melody and both.

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Course curriculum

    1. Learn by Ear and Play Along Lessons

    2. Easy Irish Cello full book for viewing or download

    1. Play Along Video and mp3s

    2. Báidin Fheilimí lead sheet

    3. Báidin Fheilimí two cellos

    1. Sheet Music

    2. Play Along Slower Video and mp3

    3. Play Along with Ilse - up to speed

    1. Play Along Video and mp3s

    2. Black Velvet Band sheet music

    3. Black Velvet Band for 2 cellos

    1. Start Here - Learn by Ear

    2. Sheet Music

    1. mp3s and Play Along with score (both parts)

    2. Play Along with score Cello 1 (play lower part)

    3. Play Along with score Cello 2 (play melody)

    4. Dawning of the Day sheet music

About this course

  • 26 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content