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Build Your repertoire of beautiful Irish melodies

Learn all the tunes in the book Easy Irish Cello by memory. Use of scrolling music, video, and play along mp3s with the second cello part, the melody and both.

Live Warm-Ups

Tips for a better practice session

Warm-ups that work are essential to help you sound better when you practice and play. These short sessions will give you new ideas to work on each month and help you explore and develop your technique.

Lessons and Warm-Ups lead by Ilse de Ziah

MA (Hons) Music

Ilse de Ziah

My aim is to help cellists to find a new approach to playing cello. I have run many workshops for cellists and other string players over the years and presently teach at University College Cork, conduct the Cork Light Orchestra, play contemporary 'deep listening' music with the Quiet Music Ensemble, work in theatre and play cello in many different styles, from Irish, Jazz, Rock and Roll to Classical. This has given me a broad experience of all the ways one can make a cello speak. I compose, arrange and publish music. I saw a need for quality solo pieces that are challenging but not impossible, sound great, develop technique and are perfect for performance. I wanted music for cellists, that when someone asks, "play for me, I love the cello", there is an alternative to the Prelude. (beautiful though it is!) I help students improve through playing music they love; to develop technique, style, memory, and confidence.

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