Course curriculum

    1. Sheet Music

    2. The Christmas - Polka

    3. Irish Christmas Jig

    4. New Christmas - Reel

    5. Christmas in Kinsale

    6. The Christmas Tree - Reel

    7. Reel in the Year set - 1. Christmas Eve

    8. Reel in the Year set - 2. A Short Way to Heaven

    9. Oft in the Stilly Night

    10. Christmas day in da Mornin'

    11. A Merry Christmas - Jig

    12. New Year's Eve

About this course

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  • 12 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


MA (Hons) Music Ilse de Ziah

I love to help cellists find new approaches to playing cello. I have been running the Cello Club for three years. It is full of inspiration and great ideas. I love it! I ran many workshops for cellists and other string players over the years, taught chamber music at University College Cork, musical director of the Cork Light Orchestra, a member of the contemporary 'deep listening' Quiet Music Ensemble. I tour as duo De Ziah & Date with the virtuosic guitarist Ian Date. I also work in theatre and make films. I play cello in many different styles, from Irish, Jazz, Rock and Roll to Classical. This has given me a broad experience of getting the most out of the cello. I am always exploring new ideas and ways to push cello boundaries! I saw a need for quality solo pieces that are challenging but not impossible, sound great, develop technique and are perfect for performance and I compose, arrange and publish this music. I create music for cellists, so that when someone asks, "play for me, I love the cello", there is an alternative to Bach. (beautiful though he is!) I help students improve through playing music they love; to develop technique, style, memory, and confidence.

Get your 'Reel in the Year' Tutorials (plus more by joining the Cello Club)!

An easy way to work in a stylistic approach to traditional music. Enjoy your holiday break with great tunes!