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  • Live Lessons & Warm-Ups

    Fortnightly online live lessons teach you tunes by ear, and how to play the chords that accompany them. Learn Irish, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical, Contemporary. Learn to groove, swing, rock and chop. Club members welcome to suggest music. An easy bitesized way to build a memorized repertoire. Warm-ups in this module keep your technique relaxed and supple.

  • Club Hang

    Fortnightly session where you can listen and play for other cellists from around the world. The chance to perform regularly with minimal pressure and positive feedback has helped many club members reach their goals. Join the friendly space for a proven way to combat performance anxiety. Get excited!!

  • Community

    Be inspired by other cellists. Share your questions, thoughts and tips with all of the cello club members. Ask Ilse cello questions, share videos of your playing or problems and get feedback.

  • Music Library

    Here you will find an ever growing library of cello music. Including Irish tunes, cello duets, solo pieces, music shared from club members, and music composed and arranged by Ilse. An incredible saving on buying new music.

  • Video Archives

    All live lessons, warm-ups and the Club Hang will be archived for you to access. Anything you miss you can catch up with in your own time. Over 70 hours of live lessons to explore!

  • Courses

    BONUS - All currently available and future courses created by Ilse are included in your membership. Irish Airs for Solo Cello, Trad on Cello 1 and 2, Misty Mountains, Easy Irish Cello, Reel in the Year, all past lessons, warm-ups...and more added regularly.

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"Best online cello instructor ever!"

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MA (Hons) Music Ilse de Ziah

My aim is to help cellists to find a new approach to playing cello. I have run many workshops for cellists and other string players over the years and presently teach at University College Cork, conduct the Cork Light Orchestra, play contemporary 'deep listening' music with the Quiet Music Ensemble, work in theatre and play cello in many different styles, from Irish, Jazz, Rock and Roll to Classical. This has given me a broad experience of all the ways one can make a cello speak. I compose, arrange and publish music. I saw a need for quality solo pieces that are challenging but not impossible, sound great, develop technique and are perfect for performance. I wanted music for cellists, that when someone asks, "play for me, I love the cello", there is an alternative to the Prelude. (beautiful though it is!) I help students improve through playing music they love; to develop technique, style, memory, and confidence.
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"An Incredible Cello Community!"

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"So Supportive"


"I am so enjoying the Cello Club. You are so supportive of all of us, and it seems as though the group is already meshing so nicely. It is great to have the opportunity to interact with other cellists on this path. It is wonderful for companionship despite my starting so late in life. What lovely people you have attracted."
  • Club Hang

    1.5hr session. Sundays at 7pm Irish time, 8pm CEST, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT. Play for each other and discuss any cello issues and ideas

  • Lessons

    1 hour lesson. Every other Sunday at 7pm Irish time, 8pm CEST, 2pm EDT, 11am PDT. Learn a tune and its chords by ear

  • Enjoy the lesson with others

    There's time to ask questions at the beginning and end of the lesson! Lesson times may vary. Reminders are sent every Thursday.

5 star rating

Inspiring and really useful

Carol Haynes

I started learning the cello a few years ago and early on discovered Ilse's YouTube channel. I have always had a soft spot for the haunting nature of Celti...

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I started learning the cello a few years ago and early on discovered Ilse's YouTube channel. I have always had a soft spot for the haunting nature of Celtic music and was delighted when I bought a copy of her Airs for Solo Cello book that it came with a lovely personal note from Ilse. I have attempted to play most of the airs since then (some more successfully than others) and last year (2017) I contacted Ilse as I was visiting Ireland and asked to have a lesson. She was incredibly welcoming and both perceptive and supportive in her teaching. It was a real pleasure to meet and spend time with her, cello in hand. Her new online course is really well designed and presented, and I so wish this had been available when I first bought her book! The course starts with a couple of pages of introduction and then each air is presented in a standard multi-part format. First there is an introduction to each air which gives and introduction to style and some background. Then the sheet music is presented in PDF format so that you can play from screen or download and print it. Ilse then has a standard approach to teaching each air through video. First a full play through with score clearly visible and highlighted as she plays to make it easy to follow and full fingering. The highlighted score is a feature of all the videos and is very useful - especially as the airs are difficult to notate and so you can see the rhythmic and ornamental flexibility required as she plays. Her play though is followed by detailed tutorial videos demonstrating how to play each piece in short sections which contain lots of suggestions for practising and clear demonstrations of how to play the trickier bits. Each section is presented at least twice once focusing on the left hand and the other on bowing. Each video starts with a tuning note so you can play along and work through the tutorials. FInally there is an MP3 download of each tune. There is a lot of detail and hard work gone into this course. The videos are in HD and very well made on a black background making the illustrations very clear to follow. Not only is this a great way to get to grips with these airs but there is a lot of really useful advice on practising generally and effective examples of excellent cello technique that could help any advancing cellist. I particularly enjoy watching Ilse's beautifully fluid bow hand and arm - lots for me to work on! The course ends with a brief conclusion and links and finally a download link for the entire Airs for Solo Cello book - which includes written material and source tunes not included in the music downloads as you work through the course. I have to say the book is worth buying in hard copy - it is beautifully produced. Highly recommended and I do hope Ilse has success with this venture and is able to add new content from time to time. Thank you for the inspiration. Oh ... and by the way I also highly recommend her DVD "Living the Tradition" where Ilse travels Ireland finding out about the origins of these airs and playing them beautifully in the places they came from - lots of stunning photography too. She meets and interviews some amazing people and there are lots of interesting extras.

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5 star rating

Better than I anticipated

Carmen Robinson

This is the exact kind of sound and teaching style I have been searching for. Thank god for YouTube. I will finally get cello lessons-take that COVID! I'm...

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This is the exact kind of sound and teaching style I have been searching for. Thank god for YouTube. I will finally get cello lessons-take that COVID! I'm ecstatic and cannot wait to show off

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5 star rating

Eamonn a' Chnuic - Ned of the Hill

Chris Walher

The demonstrations are inspiring and very instructive

The demonstrations are inspiring and very instructive

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5 star rating

fun and very professional

Anne Becker

loving this cello course...high standard and great resources with online support.

loving this cello course...high standard and great resources with online support.

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5 star rating

just great, especially for beginners!

Michael weremay

5 star rating


Roberta Lasnik

i loved learning the tune be ear.

i loved learning the tune be ear.

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Expand your repertoire and style.

Be motivated. Be inspired. Get excited.

  • Convenient

    Learn at your own pace from your living room, bedroom or on holiday.

  • Accessible

    All you need is your cello and a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Effective

    Allow inspiration to strike and become the cello player you want to be.

Get Access to everything - Join the Cello Club!

Pay Monthly or Yearly to access 80+ hours of video lessons worth over $2000, sheet music and recorded material worth over $600 PLUS ongoing weekly sessions.

  • $52.00 / month

    Cello Club

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    Cello Club

    Yearly membership gives you two months FREE

Cello Club Membership includes

All available products are included in your bundle plus the new lessons, courses and sheet music added regularly.

Perhaps you’ve already taken a few lessons and learned the fundamentals…

Are you looking to pick up the cello again after many years? Do you want to start back where you left off? Are you an amateur or professional cellists needing a boost of confidence? Do you get crippled with nerves at the thought of playing in public? Whatever your starting point, if you are playing the cello, you might relate to one of the following…

  • You want more confidence to play for your partner, friends and family

  • You have the goal of playing in front of an audience in an orchestra, ensemble, solo concert, trad or jam session

  • You want to create your own arrangements like you’ve heard your favourite musicians do

  • You want to experience the simple satisfaction of playing in tune, relaxed and with a great tone

  • More than anything… you have a desire to be a better cellist!

  • You want to be more relaxed when playing but find it difficult

  • You find yourself getting nervous or lacking confidence when you play for your teacher, or when someone asks you to play

  • You find it hard to motivate yourself, keep the inspiration and maintain momentum to keep up a regular cello routine

  • You can’t find music that isn’t necessarily classical that is great for performance and satisfying to play

  • You continually search for how to make that velvety, rich and sonorous sound

  • You already learn from a teacher but need that extra bit of community support, inspiration and connection with others

Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Be Social, Love Cello...

Be part of something special!


The cello club helps you become a better cellist by;

  • Participating in Cello Club Meetings where you get comfortable playing in a non-judgemental environment playing for each other every fortnight and overcome performance anxiety

  • Giving you the skills and practice of playing by memory in the cello club lessons, so you don’t have to read music all the time

  • Giving you the tools to create your own arrangements and be able to play along in any musical situation

  • Discovering and Exploring Irish music and how to develop an authentic sound

  • Having a community space to share and ask questions of other cellists on the cello journey

  • Having access to an ever growing library of cello sheet music and growing your repertoire

Introducing Your All-access Membership…

Cello Club Lessons

Live group lessons via Zoom. Every fortnight learn tunes and how to accompany them.

Be guided through melodies of every style. We will use Irish, other traditional tunes, classical melodies, rock, folk, and basically anything that can be played on the cello.

We look at chords and learn how to accompany the tunes.

In learning the melodies, and developing your accompaniment skills, you develop your arranging and composition skills and find a way to play with any music in any situation. We explore the techniques, harmonic concepts and challenges the tunes present.

We practice learning by heart, or practice sight-reading by using the music provided. 


Warm-ups that work are essential to help you sound better when you practice and play. I will give you new ideas to work on each month and help you explore and develop your technique.

Club Hang

Every fortnight, the Cello Club meets via Zoom. Join cellists from around the world to play a new piece you are working on, talk about cello and get positive feedback from each other.

If you experience performance anxiety and nervousness, this is a great way to meet the challenge of performing for others.

Get the motivation to work towards a performance in a non judgemental space. Watch, listen, learn and get inspired by one another. There is no pressure to play unless you want to. You are as welcome to listen as to play. 

Video Archives

All live lessons, warm-ups and meetings will be archived for you to access. Anything you miss you can catch up with in your own time, and you can review your performance on anyone else’s from the Club Hang.


There are two social spaces;

Cello Club Chat - Share music and ideas, and videos, connect, be social, get inspired.

 ASK ILSE - A space for you to upload your videos and problem sections of your playing, and I will give you feedback and advice. Other members can also help with tips and ideas. 

This space is helpful if you have trouble making your playing be heard because of your internet connection during the Club Hang.

Important Note!

If you join the Cello Club and can NOT make any of the live lessons, you are still in the Club and have 100% access to everything that happens live. There is so much for all cellists to enjoy, and if you prefer not to take the Club hang or Lessons, or can not make the time, you will benefit from all that the Cello Club offers. The LIVE aspect is completely optional.

For all cellists, amateur and professional.

The Cello Club is for you if you want to;

  • Overcome the tension of playing for others and playing in general

  • Get motivated to play regularly

  • Be inspired and get ideas to expand your repertoire and style

  • Learn music by memory

  • Play in any situation in an impromptu manner

  • Create your own music and arrangements 

  • Get regular feedback

  • Accumulate an arsenal of knowledge that will help you in all aspects of your cello playing

Join a supportive Community!

Want to be more relaxed playing in front of others?

The answer is to play regularly for a group of cellists!

Sound scary? 

It’s exciting, and surprisingly uplifting. 

Overcome your tensions and get used to playing relaxed whilst a little adrenaline rushes through you!

Support others doing the same, and enjoy the friendly banter.

Come and try it, you can see how it goes. I can't wait to meet you there!


  • I used to play and want to get back into it. Is this for me?

    Yes whatever your level, you will find the support to ease back into cello playing. Take it at your own pace.

  • Do I have to play during the Club Hang?

    Some players like to just listen until they are comfortable to play. There is no pressure, but I always welcome people to even start with something very simple to get used to get the benefits and get into the swing of things.

  • I have been playing for many years but not professional. Will this be too easy or too advanced for me?

    The cello club is suitable for all levels of playing and you will benefit whatever level you are.

  • What if I want to cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel at any time, just contact us and we can help.

  • I have a few more questions can I email you?

    Yes please contact me through SUPPORT and I will get back to you.

  • Is it worth joining if I don't want to take part in the live lesson and Club Hang?

    By joining the Cello Club you have access to all the material that is offered live. This is continually growing. Many members cannot make the live lesson but still do the lessons and watch back on the Club hang sessions. There is so much to learn and do without the live sessions. However, for great feedback and chance to play and meet the other members, it is recommended to come along now and again, even if you don't actually play!

  • If I join and change my mind, can I get a refund?

    Yes. If you have joined and find the Cello Club is not for you, you can request a full refund.

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